Good progress for Labour, but the fight goes on

What an astounding and unexpected result! After the calamitous 2015 election, and the upsets caused by Brexit and Trump, we finally have something worth cheering. The Tories have lost their majority – and UKIP have lost most of their deposits.

A united Labour Party led by Jeremy Corbyn has made good progress in all corners of the Kingdom. Meanwhile Theresa May has proven herself to be an even worse Prime Minister than David Cameron.

Her lacklustre vision for the future of our country has been firmly rejected. The great British public has voted for social progress and internationalism. We have chosen a rethink on Brexit, and a future closer to our freedom-loving friends in Europe, than the fascist in the White House.

It’s now likely that the Tories and DUP will form a coalition government. But another General Election fairly soon is also on the cards and the prospect of a hard Brexit is fading fast.

So all in all it’s been a pretty good night for those of us who want the best possible Brexit deal for our country, as well as a diverse, tolerant and just society, where we look out for each other.

I’m so proud to have stuck to my principles and stuck with my party through thick and thin. For it is only the Labour Party that has always and will always put people and public services before profits and prejudice.

We are the party of progress and the fight goes on!

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